At Home with My Own Mortality

This is a great title for a poem. One I’m writing with my life.


Does truth trump love?

Does truth trump love? 
On a be hand, ahimsa is given higher priority than sattva. And ideally your throat chakra is infused with energy from your heart chakra as it transcends upwards. On the other hand, the truth is the truth which is paramount – period.
I’ve been considering this and haven’t reached a conclusion.
My working hypothesis is there’s never a reason why you can’t have truth and love together. 

Is that perspective somehow naive?

Carl Jung is Blowing My Mind!

I’ve been exploring Jung’s interpretation of the chakra system. One of the most provocative, counterintuitive things I’ve learned so far is that the “shadow self” consists of both dark and LIGHT qualities that have been repressed into the unconscious. Very interesting. These concepts resonate with me at such a deep level that I read his Psychology of Kundalini Yoga book in two days. If I didn’t have to drive to Esalen, it might have been one. So many powerful ideas are packed into each page. Imagine connecting with one of the smartest, most inspired, insightful humans possible. That’s what it was like. What  joy!

Emily Meyers